Center/base "fit" problem

Some NuBall owners have reported a difficulty in getting the black center column to fit on the base.  We have now solved that problem.   

The center section is made by an injection process using a mold. When the mold first arrived from China, it arrived with samples made by the mold-makers. Those samples fit nicely with the top-and-bottom units we obtained from a different company. Well, our plastics guys had a problem filling some small parts of the mold. They solved this problem by making some tiny changes to the mold... but the produced parts didn't fit quite as well with the base of NuBall. This was vexing to some, and inconsequential to others.   

If you are a NuBall owner who is irritated by the fit of these two parts, let us know (use the "Contact Us" page) and we will send you a new center section at no charge. It will fit into the base smoothly, easily, and securely. All units shipped on or after today will fit easily and solidly.

Wylie OttComment