What people say about NuBall

"This is a great little machine.  I've used it a lot in my pro shop.  I even deliberately tried to damage a ball with it, and couldn't do it.  I've also sold quite a few of them.  I think anyone who owns a premium bowling ball should have one of these to take care of it." - Dennis Bailey (PBA member, proprietor, pro shop operator)

"We've run balls through it.  It works great!  Works like a champ!" - Dave Husted (Proprietor, PBA Hall-of-Famer, 14 titles, two Steve Nagy Sportsmanship awards)

"It works and works well.  A nice product!" - John Fantini (Renowned ball driller, international coach, former product manager for Hammer)

(After trying his newly-treated ball)  "Darn thing hooks so much now I couldn't use it this week!"                      - Robin Taylor, Vancouver WA (200-avg league bowler)

"I just received my NuBall.  When I opened it and put it together I wasn't sure that I was going to like it, but after I used it just once, I fell in love with it. I was able to bake all of my equipment and it didn't take a lot of time. I will be recommending it to all of my friends. Thank You!!" - Rich Greaney, Sr., El Sobrante, CA

"My first thought is 'what took someone so long to market this product'?  What an exceptional piece of equipment at an incredible price. I no longer have to take my ball in to have the oil baked out, and no longer have to spend endless amounts of time trying to clean my own bowling balls, soaking in hot water etc." -Brian Regimbal, Vancouver WA

"The oven arrived very well packaged and is very easy to setup and start using. The unit is made of high quality plastic and looks like it will last for a long time. I am on my 3rd bowling ball and the unit does an excellent job of circulating the heat evenly around the chamber. I haven't noticed any hot spots when removing the ball. It appears that the heating unit blows the heated air down the sides of the chamber and not directly towards the ball. As far as effectiveness goes, it is amazing how much oil will sweat out of the bowling balls. Even a ball with relatively few games on it had already absorbed quite a bit of oil......I would highly recommend the NuBall Oven to anyone who is currently using other at-home methods to remove oil such as a hot water bath. The oven makes the task much easier and at a price point that is much easier on the wallet than other solutions." - Charles Hucks, Abington PA

"I bought this to help keep my huge collection of bowling balls in tip top shape. The oven does a great job of evenly heating the ball without bleeding out the plasticizer. No more dead balls and no more worrying about cracked ones either. Plus after doing about four balls I realized I saved 80 bucks and a lot of driving to the pro shop that has a rejuvenator." - Clayton Bastien, Hodgenville, Kentucky

"I like everything about this rejuvenator except there is no on/off switch. Works great and will pay for itself in no time.  It brought my ball back to life after it quit hooking due to oil saturation of the coverstock." - Becki Gibson, Stillwater, Minnesota

"My dad bought this machine and the first thing I did is put my pro performance ball (high hooking ball) in the machine.  It was amazingly easy to use and I was shocked to see all the oil and gunk that came out of my ball when I took it out. Took the ball down to the alley and it snapped like it was brand new! Awesome product!" - Andrew DeVito, Vancouver WA

"You have a nice product that fills an affordable niche not available anywhere else." - John Parry, Oak Park, California

"It brought almost brand new ball reaction back to a 4 year old ball that was destined for the back of the closet.  It was amazing to see how much oil that ball had soaked up.  I'll never roll a ball saturated with oil again." - Eric Hartwell, Spring Lake, Michigan

"I love your product and have noticed some big changes with some of my more heavily used/ go to equipment. I will continue to use the rejuvenator as well as tell every one I bowl with about the incredible results I have seen." - Aaron Holcomb, Elko NV

"FYI, your machine works flawlessly. Every time."  - Bud Kenny, Chesapeake VA

"I am very impressed with everything about the NuBall Rejuvenator. The instruction pamphlet is written in plain English, so it is virtually impossible to misunderstand the wording. I had no trouble assembling the unit. My primary bowling ball is the Hammer Nail Titanium---a pearl coverstock which is not considered an oil guzzler. I put the ball in the unit for a full hour at 125 degrees. After the hour, I was amazed at the oil that NuBall drew out. I had been very careful with all my equipment: wipe down with a microfiber towel after each frame and clean with Clean n' Dull after each series. My first use of the Nu Ball Rejuvenator is a lesson on oil absorption and extraction."  -  Peter Weinstein, Fair Lawn  NJ

"Nuball arrived last Tuesday.  Worked as advertised on my wife's Storm and my Yeti Unleashed.  I didn't do anything else to either ball, just a normal cleaning.  I've noticed my ball seems to grip the pins better, more lumber flyin' around, and hook smoother sooner.  It has not made either of us stellar bowlers, but if NuBall did that it would be magic...."  - Bowler in Nanaimo BC Canada

"I received my Nu Ball today and omg i love it done 3 balls already and the results are awesome ... i should have bought 10 of them and sold them here in Australia!" - Jamie in Brown Hill, Australia

"My wife got me your rejuvenator for Christmas and I LOVE IT!  Thanks!!" - Rick Schairbaum, Centerville OH