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Our first product is NuBall, a personal bowling ball rejuvenator. Other rejuvenators exist, but never has one been sold at anything like our price. So - what does it do?

Reactive coverstock, magnified

Bowling balls are made of a urethane shell, with a resin additive.  The resulting surface is porous on a microscopic level, which gives the ball a higher coefficient of friction than would be expected of an object so apparently smooth.  This friction allows the ball to “grip” the lane, causing the ball to “hook” - that is, change direction due to spin imparted to the ball by the bowler’s delivery, imbalance in the ball’s core, or both.

Since early in the twentieth century, the practice of oiling bowling lanes has been universal.  Oiling was originally intended to reduce the disastrous wear and tear on lane surfaces that occurred prior to that time.  Nowadays the application of oil in patterns is often used to make it easier (or more difficult) to achieve high scores.  Most bowling establishments strip old oil off the lanes and re-oil at least once a day, and occasionally more often.

Dust and dirt inevitably settle out of the air onto the oil on the lane, and as balls roll through the oil, the pores in the ball surface become filled with an oil-and-dirt mixture.  Balls also pick up dirt and oil from the pinsetting machines, and from the underlane channel used to return the ball to the bowler.  After a ball has been used for some time (maybe 15 to 30 games, depending on various factors), ball performance will change (decrease, in the eye of the user) due to the ball's pores being clogged - the ball just won't grip the lane surface the way it did when it was new.

Machines do exist which clear most of the oil out of the ball pores by heating the ball.  There are some that do so by other means.  All are far more expensive than NuBall, however, and none is more effective.

NuBall operates by circulating heated air around the bowling ball in a chamber.  The ball sits on points inside a cup.  This allows the heated air to circulate under the ball as well as over and around it.  We know of no other machine that heats the ball as evenly all-over as NuBall.  Also, the cup provides an easy-to-empty catch-basin for drops of oil that run off the ball.

Wouldn't it be fun if you could bowl with a new ball every time you go bowling?  It would cost a fortune... but with NuBall, you can do almost the same thing, almost for free - each ball treatment costs about three cents (using electrical rates in Washington state, 2011).

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